fredag den 7. januar 2011

Centralbankdirektør efterlyser besparelser på offentlige budgetter

Centralbankdirektør for Luxembourg, Yves Merschefterlyser i meget klare vendinger i WSJ (5.1) besparelser på de offentlige budgetter. Han skriver blandt andet:
"Now the time is near for policy makers to withdraw economic stimulus at a moderate but steady pace. Costly ad hoc measures should be replaced by rule-based, medium- to long-term oriented "Ordnungspolitik." This German expression describes the economic approach in which the state has a limited role, giving leeway to markets. Although it stresses the importance of setting up incentives properly, it abjures discretionary interference with the plans and actions of market participants".
Det er svært at være uenig!

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