fredag den 3. september 2010

Tony Blair om finanskrisen og betingelserne for ny fremgang

Tidl. premierminister Tony Blair skriver i sine erindringer om finanskrisen. WSJ (3/9) citerer Blair for følgende bemærkning:
Blair skriver videre, at det ikke var manglende regulering, der var skyld i finanskrisen. Og om fremtiden skriver han:
"First, 'the market' did not fail. One part of one sector did." .... "Government also failed. Regulations failed. Politicians failed. Monetary policy failed. Debt became way too cheap. But that wasn't a conspiracy of the banks; it was a consequence of the apparently benign confluence of loose money policy and low inflation."

"Ultimately the recovery will be led not by governments but by industry, business, and the creativity, ingenuity and enterprise of people. If the measures you take in responding to the crisis diminish their incentives, curb their entrepreneurship, make them feel unsure about the climate in which they are working, the recovery becomes uncertain."

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